Yvette Fintland is a native of Long Island, NY., spending most of her years growing up in Florida.

Yvette is talent on many sides of the industry as an Actor/Director/Producer, and also having years of experience in all aspects of production. She is best known for her roles including lead actor in “Duplicitous Behavior”, supporting role in “The Dream Trap” starring Christina Swanson, and TV Series “Search for the head of John Baptist”. She was also known for the “Wildest Dreams” music video and concert filmed at Walt Disney World in Florida for The New Kids On The Block in 1991. Yvette played the girlfriend of Danny and Co-Star Lee Haney.

Yvette also has produced a wide range of films, commercials, and television series.  She is currently directing the Idaho Boy TV Comedy Show. Meet the Cast & Crew at Idaho Boys TV Show.

In her early life, Yvette indulged in a very active lifestyle. She is a complete sports fanatic that was committed to track and cross country running while attending school. Yvette went straight into modeling after school for many different categories, including sports, vehicles, games, and hosting for special events. She also won many awards in such pageants as “Modern Miss USA, Latin Miss Orlando, Miss Venus and Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Paul Mitchell of the Year Model and with years of experience in the entertainment industry, Yvette is always ready for the next project. Actively working as an Actress, Print Model,  Producer, Director and writing Feature Film length scripts in collaboration with other screenwriters.